Your Child's Health

In the first year of the baby’s life, you will be seeing the pediatrician very often because babies grow and change so much during this period. You need to make sure they are growing normally, staying healthy and reaching their milestones. The doctor will examine your baby, check the baby’s weight and growth, check for any illnesses, and discuss steps in your baby’s development, sleep, feeding, and safety. On some visits, the doctor may perform hearing, vision, and other tests. Keep track of your baby’s milestones by writing them down. Some babies reach milestones a little early, or a little late. This is normal. But, if you notice that your baby hasn’t reached a milestone you think they should have, talk to your doctor—it’s best to check it.

Your child will also grow physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and in language and speech. Your pediatrician will also keep you on track for immunizations and toddler/pre-schooler milestones.


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