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Support. Empower. Learn. Parent Health Initiative (SELPHI) is a program of Health Promotion Council, a PHMC affiliate that caters to the needs of teens and young adults who identify themselves as parents or expectant parents.

Mission & Vision
We believe young parents deserve access to the right health and social services and understand that having a healthy home environment and support system can lead to positive outcomes for the entire family. SELPHI’s goal is to improve the health, educational, social and economic outcomes that will impact the wellbeing of young parents and their children.

Who We Serve
Teens and young adults who identify as a parent (biological or non-biological) and/or an expectant parent.

What We Do
SELPHI will increase parents’ readiness to care for their child and ultimately their own self-image. Within this skill-building model, SELPHI promotes self-sufficiency and sets families on a path to success. Services are delivered through a case navigation service model.

What Is A Case Navigator?
Support person connected to resources throughout the city that knows how to help young parents navigate those systems. Guiding the client in fostering independence and provide connections to the services they need to enhance the quality of life of their family.

Where You Can Find Us
Navigators will work closely with the staff at each implementation site to be an extension of services. Navigators will be available to meet with young parents at the sites where they are already receiving service. Implementation sites will also refer eligible young parents for SELPHI services.


Implementation Sites

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